Intellectual Property and the Battle for Ownership


As the internet becomes increasingly more essential to the way business is conducted, and sharing information is becoming the norm, the potential for others to steal ideas; designs; music; phrases and inventions is increasing as well. Therefore, the need for these creations to be protected is proving itself to be invaluable.


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 Intellectual property concerns itself with legally assigning the rights of creative inventions or discoveries to a specific person. This could be the person who made the discovery, or the person who purchased the rights to an invention from the inventor itself. Regardless, intellectual property is critical in modern business, and is one of the most relevant (and recent) additions to the international legal systems.

The Importance of IP


Intellectual property is most important for the person who is responsible for creating something ‘new’.  Intellectual property describes a set of rights that protects the inventor from theft or use of their ‘product’ without explicit permission. In everyday life, IP can be found through concepts such as ‘copyrighting’; ‘patenting’; ‘trademarking’ and so forth. These are all legal ways of assigning IP ownership to a person or company.

As IP has evolved as a concept, the way businesses can make use of intellectual property has changed as well. Companies can now sell, buy and exchange IP on a modern market that concerns itself with property. They can also grant other companies the rights to use or rent intellectual property, for a fee, in the interest of generating revenue.


 IAM Market IP Marketplace was created with the intention of providing a platform for IP buyers and sellers to meet. Originally a magazine, this website now plays a major role in the evolution of digital businesses. Iam-Market is also available in blog format; through email newsletters and at physical events.


The main purpose of  IAM Market is to bring together those who understand the value of IP. This means helping creatives and business professionals’ network in a professional and understanding environment. This, in turn, often leads to the sale and purchase of intellectual property- which helps move business markets forward and helps all those involve profit from the sharing of ideas.


 IAM Market takes a very modern approach to a very modern concept. It allows sellers to profile their intellectual property, and provide specific details relating to the design or invention through a formatted profile.


Buyers can then read, consider and later bid on the intellectual property on offer- in the interest of building their own portfolio and accumulating assets individually or as part of their company. The system as a whole is very effective, and very reliable.


This is a marketplace run by creatives, for creatives, and it concerns itself with the wellbeing of the users primarily  IAM Market looks to ensure that all users walk away with a promising sale, or a promising acquisition, and a renewed passion for IP.  IAM Market is particularly renowned for playing an impartial role in any transactions as well. It takes no stake or percentage of the sales, and positions itself firmly as an enabler to a series of wonderful endeavors.

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